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Mar 21, 2013 1:40am PDT
segment of the dining industry. dan krauss and steve concila are determined to give it a go. dan trained as a butcher. and steve, a former finance guy started dreaming about getting a truck back in 2011. in this hyper-trendy business, you've got to have an angle. for that food truck the hook is a seasonal menu from locally grown ingredients. >> spicy carrot chips. >> reporter: that doesn't just mean veggies. a farm an hour away provides meat and eggs. after all this is the midwest. >> reporter: before hitting the streets one last step. clearance from the board of health. if you think food trucks are not as heavily inspected as traditional restaurants are, you would be wrong. everything inside. >> just remember not to put any chemicals or anything above the prep area. >> reporter: and outside is closely checked. when we next catch up with that food truck three months later in october they're still learning. >> it is 100 times harder than i ever thought it would be to open up my own business. >> reporter: six months after selling their first dinner. >> thank you so much. >> you are welcome
Mar 26, 2013 1:40am PDT
grandest stage. steve osunsami went with her. >> reporter: something powerful about a dream. for kaila stone, hers came to life here under the bright lights with thousands on their feet. >> i didn't realize this is what i could do the rest of my life. >> reporter: this is your superpower. >> yes. ♪ i'm proud to be a coal minor's daughter ♪ >> reporter: we first met kaila singing her heart out behind a checkout line in a walmart in coal mining country. one of her customers recorded this video. ♪ many colors and my mama made for me ♪ >> reporter: which spread far and wide on the internet. while the folks who run the opry, decided to pluck her star out of the sky inviting her to sing. >> we are about putting smiles on people's faces and making dreams come true. >> reporter: the night before she worked at that walmart in west virginia, and her husband a coal miner, had to work, too. and after one short practice -- ♪ i recall someone gave us ♪ >> reporter: -- it was show time. >> you got this? >> i got this. >> just watch this video. >> reporter: and the moment began with
Mar 22, 2013 1:40am PDT
abc's steve osunsami reports, more people are starting to put their homes on the market and for good reason. >> reporter: what a turn around. it took only ten days to sell this beautiful home in the middle of atlanta. there were four offers. it sold for $10,000 above asking. >> do you like this house? >> nathan and christine mayberry have been searching for a single family home in a good school district and say there are no homes to buy. for now in a cramped condo they just sold in four short days. >> the surprise is the shortage, really. i think the tables have turned now. >> reporter: on the internet realtors like michael neville have been screaming about this for months. >> we honestly have no inventory in the marketplace. >> reporter: a map of atlanta, look at all the homes for sale three years ago. now today. in oakland, the average home selling in 14 days. in saint louis, real estate agent, kate burmeister going door to door. begging families in good neighborhoods to sell. >> here is information about the neighborhood. do you know anybody looking to buy or sell now? >> no.
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3